Andrzejki w klasie III d

                                            fot. Barbara Sobieszek

Today, on 29th November 2005 our class celebrated Saint Andrew’s Day. We prepared a lot of interesting activities connected with predicting the future under the supervision of Ms Anna Pławska, our teacher of English. There is no denying that all instructions were uttered in English.

First of all, we were pouring down the wax from the candle through the hole in the key above the bowl with water. Then, we were trying to describe the shapes we had already got from the hot wax. It was really difficult to recognize some shapes, but fortunately we have a vivid imagination. That was a challenge! Furthermore, we were pricking the paper heart with a pin. That was a heart that had one smooth surface, and the other one full of names. As girls were hunting for their future boyfriends’ names, and boys for girlfriends’ names, we prepared two heart: with male, and with female names. These names were quite original so were laughing while having a look at the reverse side. The biggest attraction was fortune teller’s corner where two of our classmates were trying to predict our doom on the basis of the lines visible on our palms, and with the use of magic playing cards.

We also invited other teachers from our school to have fun while predicting the future, and ..... to check their English.. Some of them were brave enough to visit our fortune teller’s corner.

We were practising grammar structures used for description of what will happen in the future, like going to structure, Future Simple Tense, and Present Continuous Tense.

The time passed so quickly, but we really enjoyed that meeting. Unfortunately, we did not manage to perform all the tasks we had prepared during previous English lessons, yet we encourage all of you to try them all at home together with your close friends, colleagues, and family. It’s lots of fun. It was superb!

Ps. Have fun while having a look at the photosJ Have fun while learning EnglishJ

Students from III D

with our teacher of English

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